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Toshiba Tec - B-EX4D2 Printer


The TOSHIBA Tec B-EX4D2 is a fantastic printer that is high in quality and it's efficiency. With it's attractive running costs due to it's direct thermal technology and maximum flexibility thanks to the snap-in print head, the B-EX4D2 is an excellent printer with various capabilities in logistics and the retail industries. The B-EX4D2 is ideally suited to transportation, logistics and warehousing, retail supply chain, healthcare and pharmaceutical applications -shipping/receipt labels; product labels; warehouse labels; picking labels, carton labels, labelling for fresh products at retail food stores, supermarkets, etc.


The B-EX4D2 is a reliable high performance printer with the capacity to produce high output volumes and is environmentally friendly and ENERGY STAR compliant. The B-EX4D2 is ideally suited to direct thermal printing applications, lowering the cost of ownership over the life of the printer, with no reduction in performance or quality. It is also flexible and scalable with a multitude of options, to create the printer to suit your environment. Compatible with the B-EX4T2 series. The flat head technology, left aligned media and emulation capabilities ensures the B-EX4D2 is ideally suited to quick and easy replacement of legacy competitor estates. With it's easy service and maintenance, the snap-in printheads (expected lifetime of 50 km) and field upgradeable options, further lowering the cost of ownership.

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