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Toshiba B-Sp2D Mobile Printer


The B-SP2D model is based on its very successful predecessor the B-211 and is completely compatible with the B-211 software and supplies. This compact, lightweight and versatile printer is great for wireless printing applications such as warehousing, supermarkets and any other applications where mobile printing is required. The B-SP2D can communicate with pocket PCs or other mobile and static devices at an impressive 6 times faster than the B-211, either via its serial, infra-red or Bluetooth interfaces.


The B-SP2D is a 2" portable barcode printer that has an ultra-compact, high performance design that makes it ideal for producing quality barcode labels. Due to it being wireless, you can print labels as and where you require them and with a highly efficient battery, it is able to print 600 x 40mm high labels from full charge. Labels and receipts up to half a metre in length can be issued either in batch or peel-off modes. Loading the labels in either mode is only a matter of drop and close thanks to the removable peel roller. The B-SP2D has been designed with a rugged rubber case to protect the unit and it will also protect it from drops of up to 1.5m.

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